structure, construction,

intensification, erecting, joining, 

molding, escalation, welding, ascension,

surging, modeling, fabrication, setting up, connecting,

mediums, expression, energy, inspiration, action,

movement, image, intellect, raw materials,

colors, visual, contrast

vibrations, emotions,



build-i-n-g is an experimental music duo that creates expressive rubato melodies played over pulse without meter grooves. The compositions on their first album Muladhara Rising are inspired by the energies of the seven Chakras. At live shows, the focus is always on the listening experience, but in the digital realm, images, costumes, poetry, masks, theatrical sets, experimental film and any other artistic media imaginable are used to enhance the presentation and overall experience of the music.


muladhara : microcosm // build-i-n-g

This is our experimental video that explores the energy of the Root Chakra. The composition featured here, Muladhara Rising is the title track of our forthcoming album (Spring 2021) and is inspired by the raw, primal fight or flight energy of the Root Chakra. The actors, artists and musicians came together unscripted with the intention of connecting with and expressing this primal energy. To lose their egos and push the focus onto the energy and above all, the music.

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