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1. Deep Lake                                          3:44

2. Feel Honey                                         3:40

3. Sun River                                            2:39

4. Verdant Zephyr                                   4:26

5. Incandescent Quintessence                3:08 

6. Butterfly Sparkle Eye                          3:58

7. As Eagles                                            2:57


JOE SMITH, Drums, Compositions - © joe myth(GEMA)

ANDREW D'ANGELO, Alto Saxophone

Produced by JOE SMITH

Recorded in real time over the Altantic ocean

by JONATHAN BRATOËF @ Börner Studio, Berlin 

and ANDREW D'ANGELO @ Terrace Studios, Brooklyn

December 13th and 14th, 2021


Mastered by GLENN SCHICK

Original Artwork/Design by MARIANO GIL

***A special thank you to FABIANA STRIFFLER 

The second album, Feel Honey features Andrew D'Angelo on alto sax. The seven compositions on this album were composed specifically with Andrew in mind. They were also inspired by the more sensual, nurturing and yet quite powerful energy of the sacral chakra, the second Chakra. Recorded during the Pandemic, a scheduled tour and recording in a conventional way was cancelled that propelled them to look for out of the box for solutions. The end result being that Andrew recorded from his studio in Brooklyn and Joe from Studio Börner in Berlin. They were connected via an internet platform and recorded the base tracks in realtime taking into consideration the latency, a time lag of a little less than a second. Because of the concept built into the music of Rubato melodies played over pulse, this rather unconventional connection over the Atlantic did not effect the session. On the contrary; it created an unexpected magical connection.

I would like to thank everyone in the production team for their support and artistic dedication throughout the journey. ESPECIALLY TO ANDREW who went above and beyond in every way throughout the journey. To Jonathan, Lena and Natalie for wading through the uncharted waters in the recording process. To Michaela, Johannes and Nataly for all of the help and advice on getting the project released. And to my family: Ron, Liz, Jenny, Violet and Scott for all of the support they have always given me over the years.

Deep Lake


What lives in the depths?

A vibration from silence

Floating up by instinct

Tiny, luminous through the darkness

It begins to see… or is it feel? 

What surrounds it… or is separate from it.

To rise up is to survive In the pale dawn imagined

Above the ripples in the surface


Feel Honey


Sticky fingers are best licked clean.

As the sweetness savored

In our seclusion drips down 

In a wonderful mess everywhere

To be cleaned up later

When life is not so present

In this gently shared moment



Sun River


Already high above the horizon

The time has come for action

Against or with the current

Is the question that you and I 

Separated; choose alone

The conquest of our newly felt thirst

Begins as our head breaks the surface


Verdant Zephyr


I have been called to roam alone

I guess you will come along

My heart is hung

Where wild horses run

The wind behind your sail knows

The Verdant Zephyr blows

The wind behind your sail blows

The Verdant Zephyr knows


Incandescent Quintessence


Speak up if you feel

A vibration in the throat

The luminous mist

Between us and it all

Is blown away

Because a word

Starts and ends with breath


Butterfly Sparkle Eye


The tiny wings tickle

That little spot within

Where the pinecone and tree

Are the chicken and egg

Of the past and future

That presently flood

The stream from the Ocean



As Eagles


We rise and fall

Gliding in the winds

Above and below

In-between it all

Attracted from the top

And buoyed from under

No choice but to rise

From our earthbound slumber

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