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1. Muladhara Rising                      6:28

2. Taste                                         6:02

3. Ram in the city of Mirrors         6:33

4. Twelve petals                            4:04

5. Elephant                                   4:19 

6. Hawk                                        4:09

7. One Thousand Petals               4:59


JOE SMITH, drums, compositions - © joe myth(GEMA)

LIZ KOSACK - synthesizers, piano


produced by JOE SMITH

recorded by SERGI FELIPE @ underpool studio, barcelona, february 10th, 2019


mastered by GLENN SCHICK

original artwork/design by MARIANO GIL

photography by DOVILE SERMOKAS

The debut album Muladhara Rising features Liz Kosack on synthesizers. She is a wizard of sound, constructing all of her unique synth voices from scratch to dynamically express each of the melodies. She bends and manipulates each sound like a saxophone or the singing voice of some otherworldly creature still foreign to human ears. The compositions revolve around the primal fight-or-flight energy of the Root Chakra that comes through in Joe’s sometimes savage drum pulses. All of the melodies were composed in one night of inspiration in Berlin and recorded in one day on Joe’s Birthday in Barcelona after a tour.

I would like to thank everyone in the production team for their support and artistic dedication throughout the journey. To Sergi Felipe, Jaume Llombart, Bill McHenry, Arecio Smith and August Corominas for all the help in the development of the music and recording process in Barcelona. And to my family for all of the support they have always given me over the years.

Muladhara rising


The roots; their strength and power in numbers

spread out, growing and clinging to the earth, 

unseen, underground.  

This is the foundation; for the jungles that twist and tangle above. 

Deep vibrations swiftly maneuver through the brush 

seen and felt by the ears and eyes of the creatures 

who have this mysterious built in wish to survive.




Salvation and peace. 

At least for the moment. 

But a moment can be a lifetime after the chase.

As your breathing calms, the pangs of hunger remind you that life goes on. 

For a brief moment, 

pleasure and the true value of existing are appreciated 

as the juice dribbles down your chin.



Ram in the City of Mirrors


The will to not just survive but to conquer. 

To get what you want. To take what you want. 

To defend what you think is yours… 

The galant Ram lowers it’s head and begins to move in slow motion 

towards the fleeting reflection of the enemy it saw just a moment ago. 

The crash erupts in it’s ears




Twelve Petals


Something is different. 

Or a middle ground has been reached.  

Understood in a way or rather, felt. 

Can one really explain love or is it better to feel?

As you point to the flower, your lover is simply happy to see it with you 

at that moment that is frozen in time forever.




What comes in goes out. 

A breath exhaled shares the state, the essence of that moment in the animal. 

Vibrations expressed in a scream or a word as the air rushes past. 

Where do they go these vibrations that hold so much?  


To be heard by other types of ears?




Ascend to a higher perspective. 

The same town, buildings, factories with all their ants scurrying around at work 

suddenly become a pea 

as the distant clouds of sunset that remind you of mountains 

change everything in your vision. 

Float up without time or space. 

See through the blind eye.


One Thousand Petals


Everything all at once becomes nothing

in the moment that always is 

as the vertical stream floods the cosmos 

with everything that is nothing

that you did, or didn’t or will or won’t ever do.  

The crown sits beneath the king.

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